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Fundraisers and Non-Profits

We've love every minute of our journey

Restoration Christian Fellowship Church

Holiday Turkeys Fundraiser

Available November and December

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Funds benefit the Urban Spectrum Youth Foundation

Festival Fundraisers

     Helping to create youth jobs during the summer season, Pit Stop BBQ offers teens and young adults an opportunity to learn about the food industry while making money at outdoor festivals like Five Points Jazz Festival, Cinco De Mayo, Civic Centers 420, Juneteenth Music Festival and Denver Black Art Festival. Sign up today, just send us a message

Internet Appreciation Giveaways

     Sign up on social media platforms for the newest information on events, locations, daily menu and special giveaway.

Help us to keep giving to our communities

About USYF (Urban Spectrum Youth Foundation):

     A magazine and website with photos, articles and videos from a teen perspective, by the 2014 students of Urban Spectrum Youth Foundation summer camp based in Denver, Colorado. Please call 303.292.6446 for more information and future events.

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